Tips for Talking to Your Employer about FNCE®

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Are you thinking of joining your peers and once again savoring the excitement of the Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo™, to be held face-to-face in Orlando, October 8-11.

FNCE® is about more than just CPE: it’s about interactions and personal connections that we need to thrive.
FNCE® 2022 promises to offer the best in education, as well as:

  • Insights into key research
  • Trends impacting dietetics
  • Interactions with exhibitors, and information on their products and services

In these changing times, your employer is looking to retain your talent. Attending FNCE® is one way of investing in your professional development. Help build a case for attending using these resources.

Step 1: Understanding Your FNCE® Expenses

To begin developing your rationale for conference expenses, you need to calculate what those expenses will be. Create an itemized list that includes your costs, such as registration, flight, lodging, ground transportation or fuel costs, parking and food. View registration costs and book your hotel and travel.

Step 2: Communicating the Benefits

When you propose going to FNCE®, don’t focus on how much you want to go; focus on what you will specifically bring back to your organization for its investment. Some specific details you will need include:

Session content: What sessions have particular relevance to your organization’s work? FNCE® offers over 100 educational sessions touching every area of practice.

View session information.

Vendor contacts: Identify vendors that will showcase the products or services you need to evaluate for future use. Emphasize how attending FNCE® is an ideal opportunity for you to compare competing products and services in one place.

View Expo information.

Best practices: Emphasize that in addition to educational sessions, FNCE® will offer outcomes-based learning that you can immediately use in the workplace. In addition, Poster Presentations and Learning Lounge sessions will highlight emerging research. Workshops will feature experiential learning and networking face-to-face allows you to learn from leading experts.

Training: Identify skill sets that need to be improved upon your workplace. Do you need to learn more about trending topics such as behavioral and mental health, gut health, food security and access and nutrition through the lifespan? Are you interested in implementing the Nutrition Focused Physical Exam and IDDSI dysphagia guidelines? All these topics and more will be featured at FNCE®. You can bring the knowledge back to your staff and conduct a lunch and learn or webinar to share the knowledge.


Step 3: Quantify the Benefits

Although you understand the benefits of FNCE®, your employer may not. Therefore, to be the most effective in justifying the conference, you need to clearly articulate the connection between your organization’s knowledge requirements and the conference program. To support this process, create an itemized worksheet that lists  what you need to learn and how FNCE® can help.

Step 4: Inquiring Formally

For formal communications, use the provided email template, which combines the steps above into a professional inquiry.

In addition, forward this document to your employer which highlights why they should invest in sending staff to FNCE®.